In 2001, the PPI gave the initial impetus to launch EACH, the European Association for Communication in Healthcare ( (Bensing et al, 2001). This extended the already existing collaboration within the PPI to the 21 countries in which EACH has been able to recruit members so far. At international conferences and workshops this extended collaboration is being fostered and stimulated. As a result, communication researchers more and more work together nationally as well as internationally. A good example of international collaboration are the Eurocom studies, two by the EU funded international comparative studies into the communication between general practitioners and patients in 10 European countries (Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Rumania, Poland and Sweden). A total of 307 general practitioners and 5820 patients participated in these studies (van den Brink-Muinen et al, 2003). The results of the Eurocom studies are presented and published by a number of PPI members. Currently, we are applying for a  Madame Curie fund to further stimulate our international collaboration.